Star DJ Manager

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Welcome to the world of electronic music. Run your own party business, let it grow and have a lot of fun.

Take more and more DJs and live acts under contract and lead your booking agency to success. Rise from an underground club to a major festival organizer. Build up a network and go out with models, DJs, investors or movie stars.

Star DJ Manager

Your business is split into two divisions:

Booking Agency

You mediate DJs to events and club owners. In return you get 20% of the fee. The better known your stars are, the more often they are booked and the more they can charge for a performance. So it is in your interest to advertise and promote them. The bigger you get, the more artists will sign.

Event Agency

You start with small parties during the week and afterhours. But the more your company grows, the more sophisticated the locations of your events become. This can be a luxury hotel for a decadent party or a huge field for a rave.

To ensure that these two areas of business grow, you need to expand your office and hire more staff. Upgrading your recording studio also supports your success. But that alone is not enough.

You must pay special attention to your reputation, because it is the basis for useful contacts, which are urgently needed in the party industry. Otherwise no further artists will sign at your company and you can simply forget about getting the concession for a techno festival with fifty-thousand visitors or more.

You can improve your reputation with a classy apartment and expensive vacations, a debauched lifestyle or famous friends. Also generosity, courage and helpfulness make you look good in public.

You get many opportunities to distinguish yourself. Because new situations are constantly arising, in which format and class can be proven. You could organize an exclusive party, for example, where all the important people are invited. Even if you are together with a model or a movie star, this is fantastic for your image.

Your relationship partner has much more to offer you than such superficial advantages, of course. He can get you discounts on PR actions, vacations or even real estate, can help you promote your stars and events or simply make you happy. Of course you have to pay regular attention to him or her, otherwise you will soon be single again.

The goal of the game is to organize as many parties as possible, to have a lot of world stars under contract, to live on top of the world and of course to earn a lot of money.


Promote stars and parties on the day they perform respectively take place. Then the PR action works twice as effective. At the beginning of the day you can see an equalizer animation on the particular icons..

Do not spend all your money on advertising, at least not always. Sometimes it is more economical to save for an upgrade and only than carry out further marketing activities..

Once you have the opportunity to take your sound studio to the next level, you should take it. The studio increases, among other things, your income or promotes the popularity of stars and parties..

Visit the Extras regularly. Here you have the chance once a day to win some money or polish up your reputation. All you have to do is click on the colorful kaleidoscope..

When you start the game new, alls your game progress will be deleted. But you should be able to use your in app purchases of the recent install.

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